Week 7 Peer Micro project

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Week 7 Peer Micro project

  Alex Prager – 4:01 pm, Sun Valley and Eye #3 (House Fire). 2012




Find or acquire an object that is meaningless to you.

Study it through photographing it.
Destroy it.

When adequately destroyed,
Study it and photograph it again.
Has anything changed?

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The task I undertook for week seven’s peer micro project was set by my class mate Oliver Grabowski

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Upon reading this task my initial feeling was excitement I also felt conflicted about what I should use to take the image for submission and how I intended to destroy it. I wanted to find an interesting location to complete the task but I was apprehensive about the reaction from other people.

I decided that I was going to tae the object I intended to destroy to a local park and destroy it in isolation, but I was also worried about the elements of this object that would be left around, and the possibility of a child being injured by any missed pieces of the object so I decided against the park as a location.

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The object I decided upon was a CRT monitor/ Television after looking online at the prices (very affordable) and locations in relation to me (not particularly close) I remembered that I had an old LCD monitor in a wardrobe upstairs. And this was the object that I decided I was going to destroy I used to use it for a dual monitor set up that I had but have now moved away from this and this monitor had essentially become clutter in my house hold.

Interestingly (to me anyway) I have always been a person who was extremely interested in technology, I used to read stuff magazine and T3 to keep an eye on all the latest technology. I suppose it is something that is still of interest to me although may feelings towards technology has changed dramatically, I am still a tech geek. I have stopped reading technology magazines and have realised the  dependance that I have developed with regards to technology.


I travelled on holiday to Gambia a few years ago (A tangent I know) and whilst there it became very obvious to me how spoilt I was, how materialistic I had become and how much I depended on the technology available to me. I realised this due to the situation in which many of the locales lived, whilst personally many of the natives appeared very happy things that I take for granted like access to electricity at home was not available to them.


Me destroying some of my technology, although it really no longer means anything to me is appropriate as a subject. It’s almost a commentary of sorts on me as a person how disposable the technology we purchase and depend on is (That new phone is irreplaceable until you contract is up and you can get a new one).


Lightroom (P1030137.JPG and 74 others)Lightroom (P1030137.JPG and 74 others)_Page_4

I eventually struggled with multiple elements of this task, whilst enjoying and being inspired by it time constraints and the fear of what the reaction would be to me destroying this object in a public location would be impacted me.

The come down was me destroying the object in my back garden (The reaction from my neighbours was interesting!). I brought the monitor outside and destroyed it I discovered fairly quickly that the screen wasn’t made of class and was close to indestructible ( I hit it repeatedly with a blunt object and stood on it with my weight) The plastic behind it was reinforced by a metallic housing that contained micro chips and transistors.

I found the task to be fairly therapeutic, but at the same time as mentioned unfortunately i felt unable to completely relax and complete the task in the manner I wanted

I tried to photograph the small details of the monitor each individual element because eI knew that they wouldn’t be the same once I had completed this weeks task.

When looking back at the images I should have really done the same after the fact and ensured that my images were of all elements of the monitor as they were before I destroyed it. I also feel I should have been more experimental and confident in my decision making process when destroying my monitor.

Thank you for the challenge Oliver!