Week 7: creative restraint

Posted on Nov 23, 2018 in Journal, photography | No Comments

A number of Parameters impact my creative process my capability, my finances and equipment my confidence all f these things are the primary determining factors in the scale of my projects and the work that I undertake.

Despite have access to a wide range of resources and facilities I am still limited by timeframe (Completing this qualification part time whilst working is a challenge), the cost associated with capturing the images I would like to have and confidence.

Confidence is associated primarily with my understanding of film and shooting manual, this is something that I didn’t cover throughout my education and have been self teaching to get to a standard at which I am happy.

The major parameter I suppose as a result of this is confidence with regards to adapting to new (to me ) techniques and technology.

an example of this is processing film though I have purchased all of the required equipment and know what the requirements are my first attempt at processing film still went completely wrong I ended up with a roll of film with no imagery (despite this role having some very interesting images that I wanted) this was due to having no stopping bath in the kit tat I purchased.

I am also aware that restraint, creative or otherwise can also be a good thing a force you to concentrate on one area specifically.