Week 5: Power and Responsibility

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Week 5: Power and Responsibility

‘If today “everyone is a photographer” then one question rarely asked is why’ [Photography the key concepts, David Bate, 2016] today it is easier than ever before to call yourself a photographer approximately ⅓ of the worlds population own a smart phone and as a result of this a camera that is with them at ...

Week 4 CRJ: Micro project

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Week 4 involved the creation of a Micro Project, The subject for this was entirely dependent on the group. I found this task to be extremely difficult, finding time to speak to my peers and finding time to go out and take images is something that I struggled with greatly. I used my lunch break ...

Week 3 CRJ:Manufacturers and Developers

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Week 3 CRJ:Manufacturers and Developers

Ever changing technology has and continues to have a huge impact on society, our interactions, and the value of content created by this technology. As discussed this week the Shot on iPhone advertising campaign showcased a series of outstanding images taken by different people/ photographers on their smartphones. Each of the images displayed was visually ...

CRJ Week 3:Rethinking photographers

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CRJ Week 3:Rethinking photographers

The topics covered this week were extremely interesting and forced me to think about a subject that regularly becomes a topic of discussion for me. What is it that makes a photographer? In addition to studying this course I also lecture photography at an FE college in Birmingham, many of the students who attend this ...

CRJ week 2 reflection

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What has challenged you? This week has been interesting the tasks differed greatly from those given in week 1 and this forced me to work outside of my comfort zone. When reading the second weekly task my initial response did not include any imagery to support my point it wasn’t until afterwards that I expanded ...

Positions and practice: Thought processes and planning week 2

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I have now began to work towards reflecting on my current practice and consideration on approaches to my initial project proposal. Week 2 task In preparation for your webinar, post a short explanation to the forum below of what discipline(s) you feel photography of any kind has a particularly interesting or relevant relationship to. In my opinion photography ...

Positions and Practice Week 1

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Week 1 of the course was very interesting and encouraged me to consider a number of things that I would usually take for granted. The reason I decided to undertake this course was  to encourage myself to be more proactive with personal projects, to increase my network and develop my understanding of photographic principles and ...

Westminister Bridge

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Westminister Bridge

  I recently travelled to our Capital city with the family and captured some street photography on West Minister Bridge the attitude of the people of London is as resilient as ever!