Review: Canon’s 200-400mm f/4L IS 1.4x Stretches Focal Length and Wallets

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small bump when not in use, and you simply slide a switch for the additional 8 elements in 4 groups to swing into the optical path, giving you 1.4x more reach at the expense of 1 stop light loss. Balancing a super telephoto lens on a monopod while mounting an extender (especially in the rain ...

Do Software Filters Beat Glass Filters?

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I was cleaning out my gear drawer recently when I came across a couple of holders for Cokin filters. The filters had long since been sent to an eBay afterlife, but tossing the cases started me thinking, mainly about how I hadn’t missed the things a bit. Surely I’m not the only one who recalls the excitement ...

UK Soundboy

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Another Shot from the @UkSoundboy Shoot.

Soundboy UK

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  Took this on todays Shoot using off camera flash and a wireless trigger. The flash gun was just to the left of the subject and was powered down to 1/2 of it’s full power and I had a cheap eBay wireless trigger. Both models were fantastic and confident in front of the camera I ...

Dinosaur chases bride!

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Here’s a fun wedding photo idea we’ve never seen before: dinosaur photobombing. Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based wedding photographer Quinn Miller created the photograph above this past weekend showing a hungry (and massive) T-Rex chasing after a bridal party that’s running for its life. The photo is even better when you get up close and see the ...

Tips for use of Small flashes

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I’ve recently watched Scott Kelby’s tutorial on small flashes and it’s brilliant Small flashes are something that I regularly use on Wedding days. Below are a few tips for those using hot shoe flash Don’t use straight flash (No direct light) to avoid harsh unflattering light. Bounce Flash (Use white surfaces ceilings/ walls) be considerate ...

HDR Explained

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A few web sites to help those with questions on HDR. There has been a lot of buzz recently about HDR photography, but many people assume that it’s only limited to professional photographers. The reality is that just about anyone can take and process an HDR photo with most cameras and proper HDR software. Good ...

Slimming posing techniques (Wedding)

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Due to popular demand I’m re-posting this with the photos. I’d like to ask everyone to talk about the techniques, but NO COMMENTS about the bride(s) please. I had the privilege of photographing this beautiful bride last summer. She and her husband were really cool to spend time with my for a portrait session after ...

Why do I need a Wedding Photographer?

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  You may think that hiring a professional wedding photographer is an expense you can’t afford. But when the only wedding pictures you have are of unflattering, drunken antics, you’ll be glad you spent that extra money. Organising the friends and family During the hustle and bustle of your wedding day, the last thing you ...