Sustainable Prospects PHO704 Week 4: Independent Reflection The dead end?

Sustainable Prospects PHO704 Week 4: Independent Reflection The dead end?


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This week has been particularly trying I have spent my time trying to network and find people to photograph but with the exception of the first two people thus far all attempts have been unfruitful

I have made multiple phone calls to the Afro-Caribbean Millenium centre making contact with a lady called Marisha who has encouraged me to speak to someone called Sylvia who is unavailable to speak at any time.


I have also called the Harmony African and Caribbean day centre where I was told that someone would return my call, this did not happen and despite multiple attempts to return the call to speak to management as recommended this has not worked out and I have been unable to get in contact with him/her.

Finally, I called the West Bromwich African Caribbean resource centre I was told that someone would call me back the following day but they didn’t I also sent emails out to all of these contacts, plus more! Yesterday I received a call saying that the manager from the West Bromwich African Caribbean centre was on holiday but would call me back.


Despite numerous failed attempts at networking and finding people to photograph for this project I have consistently received knockbacks, but I suspected this was about to change when I was contacted by the carer of a woman called Gloria who informed me that she was interested in talking to me and allowing me to take pictures of Gloria.


Gloria suffers from Fibromyalgia and is largely dependent on the care of others to function so this was a big surprise but an exciting opportunity Gloria’s carer called me on the Friday to arrange the shoot for the Monday, Sunday evening she called me to inform me that Gloria had changed her mind she was apprehensive about the entire thing and despite it being her idea for me to take the images she now thought better of it despite this being a particularly difficult period I intend to continue to attempt to network and find alternative people to take photographs of.

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