Sustainable Prospects PHO704 Week 1: Forum – Research Methods

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My project, the Windrush Generation is a look at those who left the commonwealth and arrived in the UK to work between 1948 and 1971, in particular, those of Caribbean heritage.

The research throughout this project has been varied and includes a look at the narratives involved with the migration of this diaspora and a look at photographic subcategories that may be of influence to the project, such as  Ethnography and how this can branch out into other elements of the culture on display.

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Initially, the focal point of my images was exclusively the subject; as my ideas around the project have grown due to experience and discussion with Falmouth flexible staff encouraged me to look at the living room or surrounding environment and how in many circumstances these are visual manifestations of the personalities and characteristics of those from the Windrush generation.

As a result of this repeated environmental signifiers such as the traditional artworks throughout, wallpaper styles and other key elements that are present throughout and could be things that are associated with the Caribbean household  will also be a focal point moving forward and will be something that I spend some time researching into the reasons why these things have value within the community.

I also intend to spend more time looking at exact numbers with regards to locations people moved to in order to enable me to better expand my network.