Surfaces and Strategies PHO703 Week 9: Independent Reflection

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Surfaces and Strategies PHO703 Week 9: Independent Reflection

It has been difficult to focus entirely whilst working towards completion of this module for the last week and a half, whilst I have completed my oral presentation and work in progress portfolio being away from home (on holiday) and having young children to entertain has impacted my ability slightly to dedicate as much time to independent reflection as I would ideally have liked to.

Thus far this module and the course on a whole has been something that I have enjoyed immensely, the challenges whilst difficult to overcome have stretched me in different ways and encouraged me to think outside of the box occasionally making me uncomfortable but ultimately encouraging me to think about the decisions I make and the reasons that I make them.

looking at the case studies and the work of others has benefitted me in multiple ways allowing me to really reflect on my practice as a photographic practitioner and artist.

Although the difference in the academic schedule when comparing the term to that of schools and colleges is something that encouraged me to change my working practice and the amount of time spent weekly on completion of tasks.

I was able to find ways to work around the clashes with regards to allocated time by dedicating additional time to completion of work for the module in the periods leading up to my family vacation the one area which I still have to focus on the improvement of is the completion of the workshop.

Although I have completed a workshop I have spent time recently thinking about how I can ensure that the contents of the workshop are related to my assignment project and better encourage people to consider the ways in which they can use photography as a means for communicating a message that they feel is important and needs to be relayed to a large audience.

The ideas that I have thus far are related to encouraging students to communicate about anthe-thinker-statue-by-auguste-rodin-coloring-page issue related to a displaced diaspora such as the Polish, Nigerian, Jamaican community that exists in the UK.  The manner in which to best deliver this is still something that I am considering and implementation is also something that I have considered.