Surfaces and Strategies PHO703 Week 8: Independent Reflection

Surfaces and Strategies PHO703 Week 8: Independent Reflection

At present the primary way in which my photography is used is to document and share information, As a photographer I believe it is the responsibility of the photographer to share an image with an audience and it is the audiences job to interpret that image. The hope is that the subject captured communicates the message intended by the photographer.

Photography allows the photographer to share subjects and images of things that we may otherwise never see and with internet enabling people to share images instantly  the world over imagery is the one universal language. A photograph is something that almost everyone can understand and interpret.

I’d like to take the oppurtunity to plan a session related to My current project the Windrush generation a it’s something that I have a good knowledge on and is an imporant and contemporary topic. With my images I am attempting to humanise the people from the Windrush generation and share their stories with an audience that may otherwise¬† not be exposed to this collective of people. Teaching this interestingly could help me to recognise how a younger audience with an almost oversaturated amount of images might react to this project and if the images are able to impact the opinion of any participants of the workshop.

This weeks activities have been very ineterestingThe challenge is how do I create a workshop that is engaging and includes a sufficent amount of content to ensure that people remain engaged throughout that is relevant to my current project. And will I ahve access to the audience to deliver the workshop?

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