Surfaces and Strategies PHO703 Week 3 Presentation 1: Learning with Others

Surfaces and Strategies PHO703 Week 3 Presentation 1: Learning with Others

When thinking about my own research project the reasons behind the choices I have made and the overall purpose of the images I have captured both my view of the subject and the subjects own ideas of how they are perceived are of the utmost importance.
Susan Sontag is quoted as saying “To photograph is to appropriate the thing photographed.” (Sontag, 1979) if this is true that mans that any image captured by a photographer is an appropriation of the actual content.

And the very nature of appropriating content ensures that the appropriator puts their own spin on preexisting content. The images in this project are all constructed documentary photographs be there very nature the posed images and nature of the interview with the subject dictates that my view of the subject is the one that is presented to the audience and not the true reflection of the subject.

Image result for what matters more my subject or my opinion on that subject photography


The nature of and interaction with my subject does not really allow for my subjects to be completely candid, I have tried to shoot using wireless triggers, whilst engaging in discussion with the subject but the inclusion of a single umbrella flash is another uncomfortable reminder to the subject that each portrait is constructed.

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It’s ok just imagine I’m not here!

Although all elements of the assignment work are predetermined with the exception of the subjects pose and interaction with me; they ultimately influence the way in which the photoshoot progresse. The enviroment in which each portrait is shot is extremely important and this is determined before any interaction or dictation on where to sit etc.

Image result for perception v reality


I beleive that the reality of each image is somewhere in between my perception of the subject, how each subject percieves them self and the reality of each subject.


Sontag, Susan. (1979) On Photography. New Edition edn. : Penguin.