Surfaces and Strategies PHO703 Week 12 Activity: a self-portrait

Posted on Aug 16, 2019 in photography, Reflection | No Comments

I wasn’t 100% sure of the best way to respond to this activity, I’ve enjoyed this module and feel as though I have learnt a lot I have had to respond to new challenges and felt a bit like a sponge absorbing new knowledge on a variety of topics that I otherwise would have spent a huge amount of time thinking about.

Reflection and working as a reflective practitioner was a major part of the workflow in this module for me and because of this I have posted an image of me at a stage and age in which I was really soaking up as much knowledge as possible. At this time I was able to look at the world through youthful eyes and everything was new to me.

My innocence impacted my perspective and allowed me to formulate opinions on a variety of subjects without internal biases impacting my viewpoint.