Positions and Practice Week 1

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Week 1 of the course was very interesting and encouraged me to consider a number of things that I would usually take for granted. The reason I decided to undertake this course was  to encourage myself to be more proactive with personal projects, to increase my network and develop my understanding of photographic principles and contexts. Since beginning the course I have began to consider other aspects of such as the impact of photography on popular culture how imagery has become embedded  in every aspect of day to day life and is perhaps the one true universal language.

The global image and the power of photography as a means for change is something that I discovered extremely interesting to discuss. Many images are localised by cultural influences and the exceptions to this are typically images with less complex narratives attached

Out my window (1 of 1)The Window task I found  to be particularly interesting as photography is a powerful method to communicate your viewpoint and perspective to people. Photography began initially as a means to document happenings but has become an artistic medium and creative outlet for many.


The other exercise that we undertook recreating an iconic images allowed me to recreate an image that was meaningful and attach a new meaning to it.