Positions and practice: Thought processes and planning week 2

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I have now began to work towards reflecting on my current practice and consideration on approaches to my initial project proposal.20181002115501891-1 c rop

Week 2 task

In preparation for your webinar, post a short explanation to the forum below of what discipline(s) you feel photography of any kind has a particularly interesting or relevant relationship to.

In my opinion photography is an incredible way of communicating and documenting the perspective of the individual to many. The image will be interpreted by the viewer and will take on a new meaning potentially.

Many different variables impact the way an image is interpreted, personal viewpoint, time audience, cropping and framing and this is why photography is so interesting to me.



The above image is of Mark Duggan he was killed because it was believed that he had a gun on him, The image that was used to show Mark Duggan to the public by the majority of press is the above one. In the image, a closely cropped picture, The subject can be seen looking sternly into the camera. The framing, his facial expressions and the accompanying text all combine to paint an image of the subject of the image.

The image below is the same photograph in this instance it is not cropped the context, is now completely different, the Stern look is now a mournful one as with the context created by the accompanying card makes clear this is now an image of a driving father not an angry young man.



The below image also includes an image of Mark Duggan, but this image differs to the image used for the majority of articles used on discussing this topic; in this image the Mark is seen smiling and looks almost childlike in appearance. Perhaps this is due to the alternative discussion in the article about the passing of the subject.



Photography in my opinion has a very powerful connection to the news, one that can reinforce the sentiment of an article.

What I find particularly interesting about this connection is the ability for text, cropping, positioning to create a different interpretation of a single image.