Informing Contexts PHO702 Week 5 Forum: Fascinating Looks

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Informing Contexts PHO702 Week 5 Forum: Fascinating Looks

My gaze is usually focused on people, I like to observe the way that they interact with one another, I also enjoy watching verbal and non forms of verbal communication between people. Whilst trying to understand the reasoning behind my photographic practice and attempting to find purpose outside of straightforward documentation of a moment, I realised that the act of observing a person, or a group of people their actions and interactions and how the use of language and semiotics can allow one person to understand another.

Some of the sounds that imperative in order for me to communicate with people are completely alien to people in other parts of the world, however what remains universal with regards to communication is the visual, whether imagery or body language and this amazes me.

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The way I view the world and thing arounds me changes depending on  my mood and the is something that I enjoy sharing through use of my photographic practice the ability to use imagery to communicate a message or to discuss something that I care about is very important to me.

Photography allows me to capture a subject, at a time, in a location that suits me and although the preceding events leading up to any of my images are outside of my control photography gives me a power of the subjects even without their permission, without an awareness of the fact that I am taking a picture I am able to capture and compose a subject

This is beneficial in numerous ways, it enables me to communicate with people through use of signs, symbols, shapes, location, movement, interaction and many other visual signifiers that I observe regularly.

I am without doubt voyeuristic in my photographic practice.