Informing Contexts PHO702 Week 5 Activity: Of Mother Nature and Marlboro Men

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The above advert was used to advertise a handheld game console, the message communicated through the use of gaze is one of superiority and power. The advert, as you can imagine was considered to be somewhat offensive and bigoted the advert was used in the Netherlands by Sony who eventually withdrew the advert after a public backlash.

The game in this image is a key part of he image and also impacts the way it is interpreted, the combination of the way woman in white is standing, gazing confrontationally into the eyes of the other subject whilst holding her face in her hand indicates someone in a position of power and is also perhaps what makes the image offensive.

Image result for united colours of benetton black and white


As observed with the above United colours of Benetton advert the contrast between subjects does not have to be offensive or controversial in this image the background is white instead of black. The facial expressions differ as does the contact between the two girls in the image because of this two images with similar composition are interpreted and received in extremely different ways.