Informing Contexts PHO702 Week 1 Activity: Informing Contexts

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My photographic journey began with me completing a photographic unit whilst at University before purchasing my own camera and beginning to complete commercial work as a photographer. I have always enjoyed the act of observing and capturing the moment, and attempting to communicate my way of seeing things. My current photographic practice is mostly documentary in nature, The ability to use imagery as a means to communicate modernist issues to a variety of subjects is something that I enjoy immensely.


My current project is a subject that I am very passionate about, it relates to my upbringing and impacts family members, friends and many people from my community the Wind-rush is a major topic and one that has a real everyday impact on people that I know. I began my project by speaking to family, family friends and networking with people who have a relationship with other Wind-rush citizens. I then moved on to interacting with a few local churches and have managed to make valuable contacts at Cannon Street baptist church due to the large amount of Wind-rush citizens based there.




My practice on location is very simple in nature and involves capturing Wind-rush citizens in their natural environments, whilst also recording a conversation with each of the subjects so I can attach a statement that I consider to best summarise the conversation. I decided on colour for each of my images and use a single strobe with umbrella flash to add more contrast to the image. The colourful nature of life in the Caribbean is something that I wanted to embed into my imagery so as to give a further look into what life is like inside the homes of the Wind-rush Diaspora.

I intend to display these images as large framed prints with an accompanying text as previously mentioned having an audio clip of the conversation between myself and the subject of each image. John Szarkiwski’s, the photographers eye is something that I have in my book collection and have skimmed but not sat down and read front to back yet, his inclusion in this weeks task as a case study ties in very closely to something that I have covered repeatedly and that is the photographers ability to attempt to communicate things in the way that they see them. He refers to the photo as a reflection of the photographer much in the way that each artists artwork reflects their capabilities and artistic vision.


My current project is very much a communication of the way I see things but is also democratic in that it allows each of the people in my images to communicate the way that they see things. This project visually is what I see when thinking of the Wind-rush generation, warmth, clutter, vibrancy and strength this is something that I have attempted to embed in my imagery through use of colour, composition and framing.


So on consideration of the case study of John Szarkiwski, this project in its entirety os about me communicating the way that I see things and combining my visual representation with the views of the sitter for each image. However due to the fact that I am responsible for organising, composing and arranging all photoshoots and interviews the final result is my vision.