Final Major Project PHO705 Week 7: Corona Virus changes plans

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Final Major Project PHO705 Week 7: Corona Virus changes plans

After reading the assignment brief and looking at the options available, I decided upon an exhibition as the way I intended to conclude and present my exhibition work. The assignment brief lists a variety of different finished products and ways in which your work can be showcased.

The FMP submission will evidence and document your critically informed project that is resolved to a professional and publishable standard. 

The form that your project takes will depend on the nature of your practice and should reflect your creative intent. It should be resolved as appropriate to the work itself and with considered purpose. As the consideration of audiences and markets are key concerns throughout the course, you are strongly encouraged to present it to an appropriate public audience.

This may include, but not be limited to:

  • An installation

  • Solo or group exhibition;

  • Editorial feature;

  • Book;

  • Online project;

  • Workshop;

  • Performance, screening or talk;

  • Symposium or conference presentation.

The work that we complete will then be assessed based on a document that is inclusive of;


  • A concise description of the work,
  • The final images of the project or an edit thereof, (An edit of between 12-20 images, as a guide).
  • Documentation of the publication (e.g. installation shots, tear sheets),
  • Critical feedback or analysis from other professionals (if applicable),
  • URLs to relevant video or other supporting material.

As a result of this, I hoped that the exhibition would be completed punctually and this would allow me to begin the documentation of the exhibition and write up on all stages involved with the creation of the project, however recent events have forced me to rethink how I move forward with the project. As a result of the Corona Virus, two of the people I was due to photograph cancelled arranged photo shoots. I don’t anticipate that I will be able to organise anymore due to the circumstances and the lockdown that has been put into place I can’t imagine that too many people from the Windrush generation will be allowing me into their homes to take their pictures any more.


As a result of this, I decided to change the outcome of my project as opposed to an exhibition I have decided that a book is a way I would now like to present my work to an audience this is so that I can present the work to an audience and gain feedback before the write-up stage of and submission of my FMP.