Final Major Project PHO705 Week 17: The print

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Final Major Project PHO705 Week 17: The print

after a very demanding process in indesign I have ordered a proof of the book to check through for any last typos and to have a look at what the images look like when printed in this type of document. the overall print quality is very good although slightly noisy and the thickness of the pages alongside the quality of the images made for a very good quality final product.  I considered the differences between ordering a Hardback and softback version of the book and decided that I would go with the paperback for the general release in order to ensure that the book was somewhat affordable at the moment it’s £17.59 plus VAT which means @25 is probably the most realistic price for this product which is fairly expensive with an HArdcovr version the price increases by an additional £8 which in all likelihood makes it  outside of the affordable impulse purchase pricing for a book.


Ther pages in the book are very vibrant and colours are very true to life and similar to the colour palette that is visible on the the computer monitor the sharpness is something that has also translated well, in fact, I think that the colours on the pages are very good match to those on the screen the vibrancy perfectly captures the warmth that I associate with the people from this diaspora the text also appears to ahve remedy some of the spacing problems thaty exist when editing a document in Indesign


I have attempted to include a variety of examples of some of the images that I have shot in film are included as well as to create a broader vision of the collective of people that I am focusing on overall I am very happy with the visuals behind the book I have identified a few areas for improvement but overall it’s visually consistent and the images are vibrant and communicate the emotions that I want them to.


The finish on some of the pages is slightly lower than what I’d expect the added noise is something that I could do without it’s not something that I would actively decide to include in my images and is only a factor because of the texture of the pages on which the images have been printed.


I’d say overall I am very happy with the standard of the images and the overall finish of the printed publication once I have acquired enough feedback and proofing I intend to make the required changes and amend the required elements of the project.


I also intend to order a few variants, for example, a hardback version of the book to experiment with the different finishes and see the impact the varied packaging has on the finished product.