Final Major Project PHO705 Week 16: feedback

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Final Major Project PHO705 Week 16: feedback

“I love it! on the whole, it’s really good.” Michael Lowey

“I love your work and have enjoyed seeing your project develop. Beautiful colours and composition balanced in every way. You have amazing images which tell a story in their own way without words.” Leonard Williamson

“What a great concept for a publication. The narrative of each individual is excellent and I particularly love the closeup portraits. They are very expressive and when I look at them I can see your subject’s life stories.” Joanna Kurowski

“read through your pdf which was really interesting and I loved the images. I have been fascinated with your project from the start and its now brilliant to see an almost complete version.” Clodagh Moreland

“The design of the book is beautiful, slick and minimal which I really like. I always like the full bleeds of some images, amplifying the emotions within them.” Rehab Eldalil


“I’m hooked I love it! You need to publish this ASAP perfect timing for it!” Toni Robinson


“Thank you for letting me take a look at your book. It is amazing, clear and concise. Your images are of high standard and extremely beautiful. Your front cover is great, bold colours and exciting makes me want to look through and learn more. The layout is perfect and each story is told with honesty and the images supporting the narrative is filled with so much life here in Britain, which is beautiful to witness.” Beverly Thomas

This is an extremely well-written book it provides great insight into the negative and sometimes positive experiences encountered by the Windrush Generation.” Naomi Hamilton