Final Major Project PHO705 Week 14: The Indesign Layout

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Final Major Project PHO705 Week 14: The Indesign Layout

After the decision to change direction with the outwards facing element of FMP I began working on layout and design for the Printed book for the Windrush Generation project, although I am somewhat familiar with Indesign this was a very difficult and challenging component of this assignment. Knowing that this would not be graded despite the amount of time I had to invest in the layout and creation of this document was very frustrating but also clearly necessary.

I started by designing the book at A4 I was intended to have a version of the content from this project available in book format. The layout is something that but I clearly did not understand the amount of work required in order to arrive at the final product, I expected it to be extensive but it was much more intensive than I realised. It required me top dedicate hours on end top the development and presentation of this document.

I attempted to ensure that the images were the primary focus and star of the book by giving them their own space and not including text on the majority of pages that were inclusive of an image. I think that this is effective as the person viewing the book should be given a sufficient amount of time and space to complete absorb each of the images and appreciate the personality and the composition of the people and objects within the frame.

Screenshot 2020-07-16 at 13.02.43

Some of the feedback I have received and identified from the PDF of this design include looking at the layout and considering the placement of some of the images in some instances when first laying out the document in A4 the head was included in the frame but upon realising that in order to create a trade book which would be much more affordable for those looking to purchase the book the design instead would be 20 X 25 CM this meant that I had to reconsider placement for many if the images as the crop became much closer than I had initially anticipated.

Screenshot 2020-07-15 at 11.06.44

The lockdown while completely negative enabled me to have the time required to complete the layout for this the time required as mentioned was extensive and fraught with errors working across two computers in Indesign meant that I regularly had to move the library of images to continue editing the document text constantly moved around. Indesign regularly splits the words between two lines going through the document to try to adjust this creates its problems. With text either looking too condensed on a page or spread too widely over a line.

A lot of time was spent trying to decide on the best way to align the pages whether this was justified or left-aligned and even then this wasn’t always successful and required that I spend a lot of time attempting to get this correct.

Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 12.15.04