Final Major Project PHO705 Week 11: This Project

Final Major Project PHO705 Week 11: This Project


This project began with me taking pictures of a Local Judoka at my daughters’ Judo club, he was friendly and approachable. His story was a fascinating one, As the project progressed the factors involved changed and began to be determined by reoccurring circumstances in the homes I visited I identified these factors to be critical elements of the British Caribbean household.

It then became essential to capture elements that helped to communicate the story and visual images that enabled an audience to gain a better understanding of the period in which the people of The Windrush generation came over to the United Kingdom and how they assimilated into the country.

As the project progressed, I began to identify the other stars of this story alongside the people the living room and artefacts littered throughout as previously mentioned became essential factors that helped me to understand and then communicate the story of this collective of people.

I made multiple calls to a variety of institutions to attempt to network with people from the Windrush generation or those that may know them in many instances this was without success many people seemed slightly wary to share their story with me and wanted to first see where the images would be used and who would have access to their pictures.

As I worked on the project, I began to accept the knock-backs more and more and grow in confidence word of the project spread, and I was able to organically connect with a number fo people who were interested in working with me for the project.

I decided that the best way to finalise this project was to exhibit the work and began to make contact with a few local galleries to work out costing and start the initial stages of prepping for showcasing the work I had completed to an audience.

I started by working through and attempting to complete an Arts Council application, and this was when I hit a brick wall, unlike any I have previously experienced in my artistic practice.

The Corona Virus became news in December 2019, at this stage, the murmuring was nothing to worry about, and I didn’t pay a tremendous amount of attention to it. The first confirmed case in the UK was on the 29th of January (Coronavirus UK: When was the first case of Covid-19 in the UK? | Metro News, 2020) I completed the last of my project photoshoots on the 11th of February I had another shoot planned for two weeks later but the person who I was due to take pictures of cancelled as he wasn’t feeling well.

I attempted a few times to reorganise the photoshoot, but by this stage, people had become scared and didn’t want strangers in their homes particularly the people which my project focusing on all were over the age of sixty and very vulnerable to the Corona Virus. I realised that the potential of me capturing more images of new subjects was unlikely, and then on the 23rd of March the govern meant sent the UK into lockdown.

At this stage, I realised that if I was to complete this project, I had to look at new ways of sharing my work and that was the impetus that led to the creation of this book.