Informing Contexts PHO702 Feedback on my video presentation

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Informing Contexts PHO702 Feedback on my video presentation

Hi Richard,

I enjoyed the playful use of music at the beginning, and your opening portrait.

It was useful to hear about the history and description of your project, but I wonder whether one of your images, then a quote (your third slide from Sontag maybe or even a quote from one of your subjects) first might have created a stronger opening?

You could then go on to discuss the project in more depth, perhaps breaking up some of the slides that have a lot of text on into a few slides with images, sharing a few more examples of your work? This would save the viewer trying to read all of the text. :)

I really enjoyed seeing your work, and could feel your passion for the project. I just wonder if your heartfelt intent needs to come much earlier on?

After the Barthes quote (around 3m 11sec) you are very clear on your intent. I’d consider saying that at the outset, as it is very impactful.  You say that “the Windush generation is irreplaceable” and you explain how important the project is in terms of your identity, and how important it is to capture these Windrush stories before they disappear altogether. This really nailed it for me.

Some really solid quotes, and I like hearing about your methods and the unpacking of your thoughts and intent for this work. The part under ‘Photography as an agent for change” was really strong, too.

I just wonder if some of the intent you share near the end could come much earlier?

Well done, it was a really interesting presentation! I loved the final image, too. It was good to see a beaming smile at the end.

Gem :)



Really good to hear a very personal interaction with this community and how you wish to convey this to a wider audience.

You do quote some relevant writers such as Sontag, Berger but it would be beneficial to go into more depth about what they debate in relation to your own practice to move the discussion away from the descriptive so as to become more layered.Talking about semiotics and environmental portraiture in more depth and referencing other practitioners who work similarly or who work with a similar subject matter but in a different way would really help the depth of the discussion and with your Critical Review. Make sure that you refer to the Learning Outcomes for the Critical Review and fulfill those requirements when writing your CReview.


Hi Richard


Really enjoyed your presentation, this is the first I have seen of your work and these portraits are so intimate, it seems you capture these people very respectfully and with a tenderness that comes through in the images. They are really beautiful portraits, they do form a connection with the subject and the viewer so well done if this is one your intentions.


I agree with Gem that you could mention your intent at the start and also I would love to see your images bigger and with less text, I don’t think you need the text as the way you talk about the work is very engaging.


I also agree with Michelle, that it would be useful to reference other photographers / artists who have documented under represented communities. In fact your images actually reminded me some of Michelle Sank’s own work on communities , I’m thinking of the Belfast teenagers and Insula projects. You could also look at Jim Goldberg’s Rich and Poor, photographing people in their homes?


You mention that you would like to exhibit the work and it would be good to hear more about this and what your intentions are on sharing the work. You clearly have a purpose to educate viewers about this community and I think there is a lot of potential to discuss how you will reach people. Where will the work be shown, how accessible will it be and have you thought about funding your presentation of the photos?


Really look forward to seeing how you progress, thank you for sharing!