CRJ week 2 reflection

Posted on Oct 5, 2018 in photography | No Comments
  • What has challenged you?

This week has been interesting the tasks differed greatly from those given in week 1 and this forced me to work outside of my comfort zone. When reading the second weekly task my initial response did not include any imagery to support my point it wasn’t until afterwards that I expanded my views to discuss an example of the link between photography and the news.

  • What has surprised you?

I was surprised by how thought provoking the tasks were and felt encouraged by how much I enjoyed completing the tasks; I watched a Photos don’t lie ted talk (Ruben Salvadori) and this forced me to think about how although generally a photograph is a truthful representation of a subject, framing, cropping and anchoring text can change the context of an image.

  • What do you feel you have learned?

Reading the responses to the first task has highlighted the many sources of inspiration that people take from a variety of visual mediums and how dramatically this differs from person to person.