Informing Contexts PHO702: Week 2 activity a Question of authenticity

‘In the Photograph, the power of authentication exceeds the power of representation’. Joel Peter Witkin (2007) Night in a Small Town   Roland Barthes statement that the power of authentication exceeds the power of representation is an interesting statement I believe that Roland is stating that seeing an image gives it a validity a’truth’ regardless of ...

Informing Contexts PHO702 Week 1 Activity: Informing Contexts

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My photographic journey been with me completing a photographic unit whilst at University before purchasing my own camera and beginning to complete commercial work as a photographer. I have always enjoyed the act of observing and capturing the moment, and attempting to communicate my way of seeing things. My current photographic practice is mostly documentary ...

Week 11 Project proposal

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Week 11 Project proposal

    The Windrush Generation: a photographic documentation Figure 1 Dorrel Antonio who Migrated to the UK as a teenager   RICHARD HAMILTON     My choice of subject for my research project and photographic portfolio is the Windrush generation. The Windrush generation is everyone who arrived to work in the United Kingdom from the ...

Week 7 Peer Micro project

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Week 7 Peer Micro project

  Alex Prager – 4:01 pm, Sun Valley and Eye #3 (House Fire). 2012   Metamorphosis   Find or acquire an object that is meaningless to you. Study it through photographing it. Destroy it. When adequately destroyed, Study it and photograph it again. Has anything changed? The task I undertook for week seven’s peer micro ...

Week 6: Oral presentation

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Preparation and completion of the oral presentation was a difficult task, whilst I knew what it was that I wanted to talk about and I ensured that I had completed adequate preparation for this. I still struggled when it came to the task of actually recording for this element of the assignment. The first problem ...

Positions and Practice Week 1

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Week 1 of the course was very interesting and encouraged me to consider a number of things that I would usually take for granted. The reason I decided to undertake this course was  to encourage myself to be more proactive with personal projects, to increase my network and develop my understanding of photographic principles and ...

CASTING CALL! UNPAID MODELS needed for photography project

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CASTING CALL! UNPAID MODELS needed for photography project

CASTING CALL! UNPAID MODELS needed for photography project   I am looking for black professionals for an upcoming photography project based around the diverse variety positions, cultures, attitudes, living environments and varied socio -economic class in British people of African and Afro Caribbean Heritage.   Images will be taken in your work environment and be ...

Spitfire Project

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New personal project think I’ll title it project spitfire what do you think of image 1?   Used the Photographers Ephemeris to identify when it when the sun would be setting and in what direction.